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Service Lines and Meters

The Highland County Water Company, Inc. reserves the right to determine what size water meter is needed for a specific use.

The normal residential household will require a 5/8” water meter for everyday needs. This will provide plenty of water and pressure for ordinary use. 

The usage for a dairy farm, commercial hog operation, large farming operation, greenhouse, or business that requires continues water should consider a 1” meter.

In a situation where the business is a commercial factory or needs large amounts of water daily to comply with industry requirements a meter 2” or larger may be considered.

We do have situations such as school buildings that have required 4” meters but this is a rare occasion.

If you have any questions regarding your specific needs contact our office and speak to the Distribution Management Team.

Please refer to the Customer Service Tab (Water Rates) for the pricing of water taps (meters) and monthly minimum costs.

The Highland County Water Company, Inc. will use a 1” PE (polyethylene) pipe, iron pipe size, to run from the water main to the water tap (meter) location.  Once the meter is set the company will leave a three to four foot stub (this may vary) on the outgoing side of the meter pit (crock) which is also 1” PE (polyethylene) pipe, iron pipe size, for the customer to connect to and run to the dwelling or location desired.  The company has no responsibility beyond the end of the stub (pigtail).

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